Healthy Breakfast with BreadFruits Cafe, Sri Hartamas


   Happy 2015 everybody! Today is the first day of a brand new year, i hope you guys have already come up with some new year resolutions! For today's post, i am going to write about a healthy breakfast spot to introduce to you. Well, a good head start begins with a healthy breakfast! It is none other than BreadFruits Bakery Cafe in Sri Hartamas.

   Situated in the heart of busy Sri Hartamas, BreadFruits is a very popular brunch cafe around this area. This is because of its healthy juices which are freshly made with the organic produce they sell in the shop. Besides that, it is also very well known for its Brunch Pasta with 7-minutes Egg. That is exactly what we ordered, together with an Antipasto Breakfast Platter with a cup of Long Black and Juice-of-The-Day to go with.

Brunch Pasta with 7-minutes Egg--RM 17.80+

Pour out the half-boiled egg from its shell on top of the pasta
And mix!
    I understand why this dish is a hit in this big city. Although it looks rather simple, but it contains an explosion of flavors. The usage of soft boiled egg combined all the healthy goodness together, giving this brunch pasta a creamy consistency, similar to a carbonara. All the mushroom, ham and greens also gave the dish the perfect consistency.

Antipasto Breakfast Platter--RM 26.80+
Homemade bread, with ham, sausage, salad, soft-boiled egg and 2 choices of cheese. A cup of long black and juice of the day are included.

Juice of the day: Pineapple Orange

Long Black

   This Antipasto Breakfast Platter may looks huge but it is actually not that filling, perfect for the small eaters who wants some variety. It is a typical European breakfast. If you love cheese and ham, feel free to go for this platter because of its generous amount of these items. Coffee was good, juice was fresh and not sweetened. Thumbs up for the healthy twist in this dish!

Our healthy breakfast of the day!
   No doubt that BreadFruits cooks what they sell, sells what they promised, a healthy but delicious menu. Pricing is slightly above average and the service was good. You can always buy some fresh fruits and homemade bread back home to prepare your own version of healthy diet. Prepare to queue for a table during weekends because i heard the crowd is always wanting a taste on that brunch pasta. I hope you enjoy today's write up! Have a great start by eating clean and healthy! xoxo.

Contact Info~
Address: 17, Jalan 26/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur
Phone No.: 03-62010090

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